Cloud BI

cloud_biWe see most companies have gigabytes to terabytes of data thrown around their organisation assets and with the lack of resources they tend not to unleash the useful information hidden inside that data.

Business Intelligence (BI) techniques will help bring all your data assets into a single place and provide you with useful information on top of that which will eventually grow your business and compete with market leading companies.

So what’s Cloud BI??? … You might be thinking does it mean more cost of maintaining these BI techniques, software and hardware… Yes, with new solution there is always an added cost but moving these solutions to Cloud would reduce the time and overall project cost and always have promising results which will prove as best Return out of your investment.

PowerData Group can help you understand the volumes and design the architecture for deploying your Business Intelligence solution to cloud with multiple vendors available in the market (like Amazon Webservices and Microsoft Azure) also help you understand the right Integration and Reporting tool which can be a right fit for your solution.

Cloud BI Services:

  • SaaS ( Software as service): provide right fit Data Integration ,Reporting and Database tools available on cloud.
  • Migrate native BI to Cloud: We can migrate all your native hosted BI solution to cloud BI for efficient scalable platforms.
  • Support existing Cloud BI platforms: we can provide value added support to your existing Cloud BI platorms and help automate your support activities.

To Know more about how we can help you achieve please get in touch with our expert cloud consultants who can provide you with best suitable solution for your organisation.