CRM Services

Powerdata Group Consulting in partnership with their CRM partner are redefining the way that people think about customer relationship management. As your customers’ needs develop, you will require a customer relationship management solution that has the flexibility and ability to fulfill their requirements, something that legacy CRM systems (or Excel) cannot do.

To  help your business standout and remain competitive, you need a CRM solution that has the ability to take your customer relationships from transactional to relationship based. We can deliver a customer experience like never before, transforming the business relationships you have, hitting new heights in customer service and satisfaction:

Empower your sales and marketing – access archived data regarding past communications with clients and prospects to make informed decisions in your sales and marketing channels.

Have visibility over your campaigns – use Dynamics CRM to analyze the effectiveness of various campaigns and measure your success.

All your customers in one place – Dynamics CRM incorporates a simple dashboard system, with all prospect and customer information available in one simple, user friendly view. Get to your customers right away, instead of searching through multiple tabs and windows.

Manage relationships from anywhere – let your working relationships go beyond the parameters of your office walls and working hours. With Dynamics CRM accessible via smartphones and tablet, manage your relationships from home, while traveling, whereever you are. Always put your customer first, not just during the 9-5.

Live and breathe the social world – don’t miss any online discussions with your customers. Utilize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM social media analytics to see where your customers and prospects are active, and what they’re saying. Dynamics CRM 2013 also includes Yammer, so that your internal workforce can communicate efficiently and share crucial information.

Integrate into your business – information and documents produced by Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be transferred to Microsoft SharePoint and be viewed by all employees.

Your relationship Matters

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the need to offer increased value to customers and efficiently manage those business relationships is critical to your success. Powerdata’s solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are designed to increase the strength of your business relations, and make doing so more efficient. Relationships in the modern business world go beyond a simple phone call or the occasional meeting between a company and their clients. With the developments in social media and communication technologies, it is imperative that we are able to engage with our customers regardless of the platform, including mail, social media, phone, virtual video conference, etc….

With the variety of communication channels available to the modern business person, it is important to centrally manage and understand the details behind those previous customer contacts in order to aid future engagements. With Powerdata and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can access detailed records of all past interactions to empower your sales and marketing activity. If you don’t make your customers feel valued, there will be a queue of your competitors who want to. Utilize the insight and relationships management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to go above and beyond what’s required and empower those business relationships.

Power your Sales Team with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Powerdata and Microsoft Dynamics CRM bring new scope to the productivity and capability of your mobile workforce. With mobile access via smartphone and tablet, your workforce can have access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM at any time, in any place.

By deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your mobile sales teams will always be able to view customer and prospect information, providing the insight needed to nurture new business opportunities. With the mobile functionality that sits within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your employees can access internal private social networks such as Yammer. This enhances the ability to share posts and messages while staying with relevant newsworthy items relating to their business environment, even when they’re on the move. Find out how you can equip your workforce to give value to your customers with Powerdata and the mobility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Get to know your Social Network

Social Media has transformed the way we communicate in the business world. With more and more of your customers and prospects possessing an online presence and frequently engaging in social media conversations, it is imperative that your business is able to draw insight from these interactions and use it to structure marketing and sales activities to solicit greater returns. Powerdata and Microsoft Dynamics CRM has brought social media analytics to your customer relationship management processes. Managing your customer relationships can go beyond your working knowledge of past interactions.

Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s social media analytics function to understand your customer’s attitudes, actions and build a picture of how they influence your business. Draw market intelligence from the millions of social networking interactions that occur every day through data mining, text and transactional information analysis. Let Powerdata and Microsoft Dynamics CRM help you take your customer relationship management capabilities to the next level.

CRM’s Seamless Functionality

Powerdata and Microsoft Dynamics CRM combine to deliver not only the most sophisticated, but the most user friendly customer relationship management system on the market. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers the high quality customer relationship management tools needed to empower your sales and marketing initiatives, essentially everything that you expect from a Dynamics product. It also brings with it a new level of practicality to managing your business relationships. With a central dashboard interface, all of your campaigns, accounts, customers and leads are accessible at the touch of the button. With the central dashboard, Microsoft Dynamics CRM keeps managing relationships simple and in one place, with no additional windows and tabs opening.

Don’t lose any crucial customer data that could benefit sales and marketing campaigns with the swift data entry system. To experience the full benefit of Powerdata and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have access to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM process guide. Remove the guess work when using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and drive excellence through pre-configured processes, to ensure that your workforce can get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With all these features available on the go from a mobile device, Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Powerdata will deliver the most complete customer relationship management experience possible.

Contact us to find out how your business can benefit from the most advanced Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution yet.