Our Capability Statement

We  provide managing security consulting services  through our cyber security partners in areas of cybersecurity planning, architecture and risk management. We portfolio is tailored for both enterprises, government agencies and providers of network infrastructure and services.

Our approach to security

We understand your security program is structured in four major phases: Architecture and Planning; Design; Program Management; and finally Operations and Services Management.

The Service Management includes the on-going program review and improvements. We have crafted specific services to assist you during all those phases.

Our security architects are consultants experienced in assessments, planning, design and implementation of security policies and supporting technology solutions and process controls. Our security architects go beyond traditional security and risk mitigation strategies. We also assist you in identifying opportunities enablers to increase the likelihood of achieving your business objectives.

Our Value proposition

We have practical experience with organisations performing at different security maturity levels. We have the know-how and prove methodology that empower our consultants to identify and provide advice on most suitable security program for your organisation based on your business goals. We bring experience working with the largest security consulting and technology solution providers. Although security is everybody business, we understand many industry segments and their specific business drivers and opportunities. We have extensive experience with telecommunications vendors, carriers and the largest managed service providers. We also have the most valuable industry security certifications including CISSP, CISM and SABSA. We have security clearance from Australia government that authorises access to classified information up to top secret.


Around 20+ year’s experience in information technology, government, critical infrastructure and telecommunications where working for small, medium and large organisations. An extensive list of successful security consulting, technical solution architecture, risk and security management projects in banking, oil and gas, utilities, government, telecommunications and professional services industries.
Consulting experience with solutions engineering, selling and full project delivery lifecycle, portfolio development, maintenance and consulting practices.What we do today, it was learned from a large community of network and security professionals. My respected and passionate former co-workers which a call the best on what they do. It includes members from SABSA Institute, The Open Group Architecture Forum, PMI Institute, ISACA Association, Information Security Group, ITU, and TMF as well as global solution suppliers for telecommunications and ICT security solution consulting services.

Architecture and Planning

The service is tailored to your organisation needs and based on current security maturity level. The engagement includes interaction with multidisciplinary team and stakeholders. We will assist you with justification for the selected security requirements. Traceability to business objectives is recorded and assured from initial concept to delivery.


Here we start defining and developing your Security Program capabilities (i.e. ISMS). We give you control so you can make a conscious decision about how much is enough. The capabilities include technology, process and personnel resources as approved in your budget. We will provide the security architecture artifacts required for network, applications, and information domains. We develop design patterns aligned with your architecture.

Program Management

The service includes engagement with business unit’s personnel, project managers, business analysts, application developers, network architects, operations and vendor suppliers. Our services are used by organisations with different needs based on current maturity level. We have skills and experience with program management, implementation and assurance management.

Operations and Security Services Management

Security Operations is not an easy task, and it goes beyond security incident management. A lot must be done before a system passes its security accreditation and can be accepted by operations. The services provided includes security operations requirements development and traceability to business and project objectives. We will assist you finding the gaps or missing requirements that have not been considered by the project team. Our services can assist you to manage, implement and assure your security operational services as defined in your ISMS.

Service offering per security program life-cycle

The following is summary of our services portfolio. Visit our website for more information.

Life-cycle phase Service Value Stakeholders
Architecture and
Security Strategy Development
Security Business Plan
Security Business Risk Assessment
Security Architecture Development
Security Roadmap Development
Provide dashboard reports to
translate risk profiles into
business priorities.
Security governance.
Security priorities are driven by
business objectives
Solutions and
Security Program Chart Development
Security Services Capability Development
Security Services Architecture and Design
Security Requirements Management
Security Program Manager Services
Security governance.
Capability building.
Requirements and architecture
capabilities decisions.
Security Program Definition
Architecture and
Security Policy and Controls
Implementation (ISMS)
Security Capabilities Implementation
Security Certification and Accreditation
Security Services Integration
Security Risk Monitoring
Security Designer and Builder Services
Resources optimisation.
Security integration with
Cost management by reuse of
standard capabilities.
Business agility.
Customer experience
Security Design Assurance
Architecture and
Service Management
Security Profile Management and
Security Assurance Metrics Management
Security Monitoring
Security Tests
Security Awareness
Security Operational Controls
Security 3rd Party Assessments
Security Maturity Review
Security Officer Services
Protect and defend the
organisation from a constantly
evolving threat landscape.
Consistency of security controls.
Life-cycle and operational
On-going security assurance.

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