Data Analytics

The Problems We See Today

The data management sector is full buzz of words such as big data, master data management, ETL, data cleansing, real time data, in-memory data, agile data and more.  Unfortunately, words don’t make a sound strategy.

The reality is that there are complex and real challenges with data today; no longer does a data management strategy consist of on-premise enterprise data.  Online sources of information, company mergers and acquisitions, changing ERP sources and unstructured data exploration requirements are all current challenges.  These issues are not going away and will not be easier to deal with in the future. Powerdata knows the environment your business is facing and we’re ready to deliver data management consulting that fits into your long term plan.


How Powerdata Can Help

Powerdata Consulting provides services in the areas of data warehousing, data modeling, data migration, data cleansing, and master data management. Our goal for data management consulting is to ensure decision makers have accurate and relevant information to make fact-based decisions.

We make sure your business is set up to succeed in data management through:

Data Strategy

Strategy – one of those words often used in conjunction with words like “leverage”, “synergy” and “reimagining” in a meeting by people trying to make themselves look clever.

Enterprise Data Management

We don’t need to tell you that managing your data is tough. Every day the world creates 2.5 quintilions bytes of data (that’s either 33 or 18 zeroes depending on which side of the pond you are on). And 90% of all the data in the world was created in the last two years!

Cloud and Hybrid solutions

You have a Cloud First approach right? In reality this may or may not be the case. Whatever your reasons, we’ll likely agree but if we don’t and it’s right for you, we can work with you to help you move to the cloud.

Data Analytics

Business Intelligence, OLAP, Data Warehouses, Dashboards and Scorecards, Big Data, Reporting – it seems marketing departments come up with a new term for our core business every few months.
Data Analytics is about providing you with the tools to make sense of your data.

Data Science

It seems everyone is a data scientist these days but no-one really knows what a data scientist actually does! This means there’s quite a few bloggers out there who think wearing a sharp suit and knowing a few statistical algorithims will get you by.

For us, data science is simply about using your data to find insight that isn’t always obvious. This might be using complex statistical tools but it might also be simply applying our years of experience of doing what we do to your problem. Don’t get caught by the data science buzz, talk to us about how much science you really nee

Implementation & Delivery Services

Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Warehousing(DW)image1

Powerdata delivers fit for purpose solutions.

Our solutions focus on  unlocking your information and data assets. We have worked on  numerous BI & DW projects over the past 15 years. Our services cover the complete software development life cycle from requirements analysis, solution architecture and design to development, testing and production deployment

Data visualization

Powerdata supports clients with the implementation of dashboards and reporting solutions. With our depth and breadth of industry and functional experience we help clients with the definition of metrics and appropriate data visualization techniques to best represent their information.

Software upgrades and migrations

Powerdata provides clients with a structured approach to managing software upgrades and migrations. We bring solid experience to clients that reduce the risks associated with these initiatives

Health checks

Powerdata supports clients with health  checks for their entire technology stack i.e. database, data integration (ETL), semantic layer/models and reports.Clients are able to identify issues, risks and opportunities for improvement.Health checks deliver

practical detailed reports that are actionable

Data integration

Powerdata has deep experience in providing data integration solutions to clients. We support clients in dealing with data complexities especially dealing with high data volumes and managing performance. Our experience spans across multiple tools and platforms.

Data migration

 Powerdata  brings methodologies and frameworks to support clients through the complexities of data migration projects. Being vendor independent we leverage as far as possible the client’s existing technologies and tools to accomplish the data migration.

Data quality

Powerdata has extensive experience dealing with data quality issues. We help clients identify data quality issues, quantify the impact and put strategies in the place to resolve these issues by understanding the root causes. We support clients with the implementation of preventative measures to reduce the re – occurrence of data quality issues. We have extensive experience in creating single customer and product views for clients.

Project and program management

Good project and program management is essential in delivering successful Powerdata brings extensive program and project

management experience to our clients.