Digital Transformation

digitalWe provide end to end solution on migrating your manual and boring paper based record maintenance of your departmental information to digital platforms so that you can retrieve any of your organisational data in seconds. Any organisation to reach next level in quality deliverables it is vital to digitise your information and keep track of the data of your customers or your internal department records.

Digital information is key for any Organisation auditing activities, if you would like us to review any of your departmental data capturing techniques and see if they are not up to the standards we are just a call away, we can streamline and provide you with industry standard solutions which are secure, reliable and powerful to hold all your organisation data.

We work on multiple areas of Digital transformation data across your enterprise starting from.

Customer Experience: Capturing your customer experiences and surveys by digital medium and analyse those experiences for product betterment.

Product Digitization: we can transform your products and offerings to digital platform it can be your physical store or your business services and append a digital program and web platform so that your products can be reachable to all over the world.

Operational digitization: we can help transform any of your daily operational activities to digital platform it can be your internal/external communication platform to making your knowledge and data assets available across the organisation and outside the organisation.

Department digitization: We can help harness the technology and improve/streamline your specific departmental processes and migrate them to a simpler cross connected Digital platforms.

We help you build a real-time, connected business in the cloud. We provide an extensive range of services including:


Digital Strategy

Customer Experience Strategy

Service Strategy

Product Strategy

Market, Customer & User Research

User Story Definition


Service Design

User Experience Design

Mobile & Web App Design

Wireframe & Prototyping

Usability Testing

Application Architecture


Agile Development

Continuous Testing

Deployment & Support

Business Value Study

Change Management

Digital Training Material & Video


We provide tactical and strategic engagements to fuel digital product innovation.

We provide a variety of techniques, tools, methodologies and hands on assistance to create and implement high customer value experiences, improving brand equity, and business value of digital assets.


Lean User Experience Design

We can take your initial products sketches, and concepts into prototypes and test with existing, or potential customers. This will provide early validation of the product, using the lightest possible tools (i.e costs) to achieve this. Early product concepts can take as little as 2 days to develop, through to week long engagement. This can help build confidence with stakeholders early on, while providing a clear product development pathway (singular product vision), to reduce time to market, and improve the customer value of your product.


Evidence driven design

We believe in evidence driven design, if you have an existing product we use your existing insights to drive product innovation and overall product strategy. Deliverables from this type of engagement usually result in user interface specification documents which your development team can accurately interpret into code.


If you also need a objective analysis of your existing products, or specific user flow we can provide rapid user flow analysis. This highlights particular usability issues which often can be fixed with simple solutions. This will help you establish a clear understanding of the current customer experiences, while indicating easily implementable solutions.


If you have an existing user experience & user interface team, we can engage as a part of the team, infusing our experience, methodologies and tools with ongoing coaching, and intensive design sessions. This helps your UX team integrate more broadly into the company where all business units are engaged,. Resulting in an integrated UX team producing designs which create a singular product vision with high customer/business value.


If you have are currently in need of ux expertise without internal ux resources , but don’t have the need for a full time ux lead position, we can provide on demand lead ux support. This could be a little as 3-4 hour design sessions,to provide quick easily implementable solutions to current user flow issues. We will provide a brief, and produce through an iterative approach, user experience solutions to simple or more complex user interface or user experience issues. This is often used by clients we need quick (cost effective), accurate solutions to issues holding up the development cycle.


Services and expertise


Collective problem definition and prioritisation (helps build a consensus for research scope)

  • Develop insights database
  • Perform 1-1 customer interviews and product validation
  • Product concept development and 1-1 customer testing.
  • Focus group facilitation
  • Participant recruitment
  • Online information architecture testing
  • Competitive wall focus group facilitation * Get in touch to discuss.
  • Online product concept testing (First click analysis)



  • Rapid usability reviews
  • User experience (UX) designs from LOW to HIGH fidelity.
  • User Interface (UI) designs with implementation annotations
  • User experience flow analysis and recommendations
  • Customer led product strategy
  • Workflow definition
  • Information architecture analysis

To know more about evaluating your specific Digital needs please reach out to our sales team.