As a specialist provider, we know we are not the best at everything. Powerdata Group is proud to partner with some of the world’s leading technology companies and specialist providers. Where some specialist providers of leading technology solutions focus their energy on developing best in class solutions, at Powerdata Group, we focus our energy on being the best at enabling successful implementation and integration.

Powerdata Group works with partners in providing complementary services that enable superior outcomes for our clients.

Cloudsec Consulting provide managing security consulting services in areas of cybersecurity planning, architecting and risk management. Around 20+ years experience in information technology, government, critical infrastructure and telecommunications were working for small, medium and large organisations.

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WiloG is a Sillicon Valley based company with a decade of experience, operating across 3 continents, with more than 100 associates including leading technical experts in IoT, Virtual Reality and Live Streaming delivering highly customized software development solutions. WYLog was founded more than a decade ago developing cutting edge of Software for large international corporate clients, software vendors and technology start-ups.